boredom: ways to get rid of it, cheeseburgers

This is a great way to get rid of your boredom. Write dialogue between people or things. example please!

title: A Man Ordering Food From McDonalds

Worker: this is McDonalds. may i take your order?

Man: i would like a cheeseburger.

Worker: is that all?

Man: no, I would like another cheeseburger

Worker: ok, 2 cheeseburgers. anything else?

Man: yes, 3 more cheeseburgers.

Worker: sir, do you want anymore cheeseburgers?

Man: yes, a kids meal cheeseburger.

Worker: how many cheeseburgers do you want!

Man: now you made me lose count. let me start over

just as simple as that! have a fun! :)

I and the creepy guy hiding in my closet, want to know what you think!!

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